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Lu Jong

Lu Jong is a very old Tibetan healing exercise in the Vajrayana tradition. Tulku Lobsang recognized that practicing Lu Jong would be beneficial for everyone; however, some of the traditional exercises could be too difficult for everyone to practice. Therefore, Tulku Lobsang made subtle modifications to those exercises so that everyone could practice Lu Jong, regardless of age or physical challenges. These changes preserve the benefits of Lu Jong while making the practice accessible to everyone.

Lu Jong is a higher technique for opening all of the body’s chakras, which means it opens both the coarse and subtle physical body. The coarse physical body is whatever belongs to the five senses. The subtle body is the 72,000 various channels of the body. If you want to have a very healthy physical body, your coarse and subtle body both need to function very well. Both are very important for anyone that wants to live a long, healthy life. If someone does spiritual practices but does not open the physical—both coarse and subtle—chakras, it will not be possible to reach a higher state of mind. Therefore, if you want to practice spiritual ways, know that your body is the vehicle to reach a higher state of mind, or, in other words, your Buddha nature. This means that you need to use your body to reach this place. Whether or not you are a spiritual person, practicing Lu Jong is a great technique to achieve a healthy body and happy mind. It makes sense for everyone to practice Lu Jong.

Tog Chöd

Tulku Lobsang is the founder of Tog Chöd. Tog Chöd is derived from traditional movements that are sometimes called the Yaman dance and outer Lu Jong exercise. Tulku Lobsang modified these ancient movements to create his unique Tog Chöd practice. Tog Chöd is a very powerful technique. The combination of body positions, movements, and visualizations, supported by the symbolism of the sword, are a special technique for reducing fear and expectation. This is the best and easiest way to meditate without the need to control your thoughts.

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